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 Latest Results:  Red White & Blue Shoes 5K

 Next Event: Michelin 5k

 Current Standings:2016 Current Standings
Since 2006, the Greenville Track Club "Run In Running Series" has allowed  GTC Members to accumulate points within their standard five (5) year age/gender group from racing events currently conducted by the club (determined by your age for the first RS race you enter this year). You will remain in this age group for the year.
Top 8 events count towards your total. We hope this will provide an opportunity for members to increase fellowship and fun, and improve member turnout at our races. (One more reason to join the GTC today!)
(The GTC counts your points automatically - you don't have to do anything special other than be a GTC Member!) 
2016 Rules include:
1. Runners stay in the same age group they start their first race for the whole year
2. Runners qualify for a t-shirt with 60 points in 2014
3. Runners who volunteer and can't participate in the race for this reason get 10 points (race director has to provide a list)
4. Runners participating in designated races which are part of the Running Series other than marathon and HM get 50-40-30-20-10 points
5. Runners participating in marathons (SRF) which are part of the Running Series get 70-60-50-40-30 points
6. Runners participating in HM (Greer) and 20K PMRR which are part of the Running Series get 60-50-40-30-20 points
7. Runners participating in associated races which are not designated Running Series races (SRF, PMRR, Greer) get all 10 points




Jan 14

Greenville News Run Downtown

Feb 13

Green Valley Road Race 10mi 

Mar 26

Earth Day Run Half Marathon*

Points: 60-50-40-30-20

Apr 23

Reedy River Run 10k

Jun 11

Sunrise Run

Jul 4

Red, White, & Blue Shoes 5k

Aug 20

Edouard Michelin Memorial 5k

Sep 18

BMW Classic 2 miler


Spinx Runfest
Full Marathon will be scored: 70/60/50/40/30 --

HM, 10K and 5k finishers earn 10 points.


Dec 3


Paris Mtn. Road Race 20K and 5K
The 20K will be scored 60/50/40/30/20

-- 5k is worth 10 points.




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